The Division 2 : Season 5 Kicks Off with a New Manhunt and Content Roadmap

As we reported last week, Ubisoft Massive is seeing continued growth of The Division 2 and thus is continuing to focus on new content. Today marks the beginning of season 5 which brings a new manhunt, and a roadmap for what’s to come in the future.

Ubisoft provided the news of season re-runs and the future roadmap via a blog post here. We’ve highlighted the core details for you below.


The manhunts are back, and with each season you are faced with hunting down a target across varied locations in both D.C. and New York. For those of you who missed out the first time around, this is the perfect opportunity to return to finish the manhunt and unlock the unique skill variant tied to each Season’s prime target.

For those of you who finished the hunt initially, you get a chance to challenge yourself once more by changing up your tactics or approach.

Directives are in play as usual, with each season and manhunt giving you a list of options to modify and challenge your gameplay however you want, a perfect time to go all in for the ultimate challenge.


All previous Leagues will become available throughout the re-runs as well, alongside their familiar reward tracks meaning you will have a second chance at getting your hands-on gear and items that might be missing from your collection.

Another aspect of leagues is that you can show off your expertise and rise through ranking systems by competing with other players in timed events. Perhaps this time around you can best your friends time, or maybe even your own personal record?

Leagues take you on a journey and pitting you up against time and enemy factions, in a multitude of creative ways. They last for 2 weeks and can yield some great rewards based on your performance. You get the chance to earn league progress each week, so you decide the pace.

Season Passes

Season re-run will offer a purchasable Season Pass to unlock the Premium reward track, but a purchase is not necessary should you already own the associated Season Pass from the associated Season. Season Pass will be available through the in-game store for 1000 Premium Credits, about 10€ or your reginal equivalent.

The season pass for Season 5 is included in Warlords of New York expansion and after claiming the free pass in the in-game store you will immediately be able to unlock the Premium Track rewards.

Our Take

We’ve discussed The Division 2 a lot lately, and for good reason. The game’s update on the Series X and PS5 is sublime and with the amount of content available to players at this stage in the game’s life, it’s never been a better time to defend D.C. and New York!


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