Outriders : Broadcast 5 Recap and Demo Details

The latest broadcast of Outriders just wrapped up. It’s focus was to prepare players for the demo that launches tomorrow! Here are the high-level details along with the videos shared today:

  • All four classes will be playable
  • Multiplayer will be available (3 player co-op) including matchmaking
    • Consoles and PC will have full crossplay enabled
  • Demo progress carries forward to the full release
  • The demo introduces the game’s prologue which provides the basis for the story
  • Side quests are available and replayable with scaling loot
  • All loot and materials also move forward with you to full release

Our Take

Outriders looks like a game that is going to surprise a lot of people. It has depth, co-op, loot, a big world, and yet provides RPG mechanics and story outside of the “GAAS” model. We’ll be covering the demo extensively over the next few days so stay tuned!

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