Borderlands 3 Designer’s Cut Stream Shows Off Arms Race and New Skill Trees

The teams at Gearbox have been following through on an impressive amount of new content for Borderlands 3 and with next-gen rapidly approaching, they are showing no signs of slowing down.

Today, they showed off Arms Race: a new mode where you drop in, loot up, and try to extract your new acquisitions in teams of up to four. Arms Race is included in the new Designer’s Cut update as part of Season Pass 2.

Additionally, they also showed off more detail on the new skill trees that will launch on November 10th as part of the Designer’s Cut as well.

If you missed it, you can catch the full live stream from Twitch here!

Our Take

This is pretty exciting for Borderlands fans. Not only do new skill trees offer a wealth of new playstyle opportunities, but this mode looks like an absolute blast with friends. Combined with the next-gen upgrades for the Xbox Series and PS5 consoles, it’s a fantastic time to jump back in!

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