Bethesda Softworks Developing Multiple New IPs for Xbox Game Studios

We’ve talked extensively about Microsoft acquiring ZeniMax Media and thus Bethesda Softworks now falling under the Xbox Game Studios umbrella. While we’re all aware of their well-known IPs and announced titles, one of the most interesting aspects of the acquisition is learning of new projects.

Thanks to some job listings and a few of our friends around the industry (including Xbox News on Reddit) we’ve now learned of at least two new AAA projects in development.

The first is being developed by Elder Scrolls Online developer, Zenimax Online. From what we know:

  • Brand new IP that has been in pre-production since 2018.
  • Large, open-world.
  • Will use a new game engine. Whether or not it’s the same engine that Starfield will use is unknown.

The second is being developed by Arkane Austin. Arkane (Dishonored, Prey) has two studios; one in Lyon, France and the second in Austin, Texas. Arkane Lyon is the studio developing Deathloop but Arkane Austin is working on a new AAA IP.

  • Story-driven single player title.
  • Blends the FPS and RPG genres.
  • Emergent gameplay and player choice will play a vital role.

Our Take

It’s an incredibly exciting time to be an Xbox fan. Between the rapid expansion of the existing 15 studios and now the addition of Bethesda Softworks, there’s an incredible amount of games in development for this next generation that’s about to kick off with new, impressive hardware in the Series consoles. What a time to be alive.

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