Xbox to Present at Tokyo Game Show Opening Night

One of the struggles Xbox has faced as a brand since its inception is gaining popularity in Japan. While they saw some success with the Xbox 360 generation, that all but disappeared in the Xbox One era. With that in mind, Xbox leadership has made it a point to work with Japanese developers and publishers recently as they head into a new generation.


With that in mind, it’s a positive sign to hear that Xbox will have dedicated time at the Tokyo Game Show later this month. The show kicks off on September 24th and Xbox is the first presenter beginning at 5am PST / 8am EST / 2pm CEST (9pm in Japan).

The show will run through September 27th and feature presentations by Sega, Atlus, CD Projekt Red, and more. You can find the official site here, but you will need to have it translated.


Our Take

This is great to see and we continue to hope the Xbox team builds relationships with more Japanese publishers and developers to bring notable franchises to the ecosystem. Also, by time TGS kicks off, we certainly hope we know more about the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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