Xbox Demonstrates the New U.I. that Launches with the Series X

Throughout the generation, Xbox has made continual updates and improvements to the menus of the Xbox One. Many may not remember that original Xbox One U.I. design language was built around Windows 8 and with Kinect functionality in mind. As such, with the removal of Kinect and the transition to a Windows 10 base, it has required continual refinements.

With the launch of the Xbox Series X, a new design language will be introduced that Xbox is touting as the “New Xbox Experience” and will be congruent across all platforms that you may access Xbox in console, PC, and mobile (including the Xbox One). The new language is currently being used in the Xbox Store as a demo for Alpha Insiders and has been widely regarded as a vast improvement.

New UI

In a video released this morning, members of the Xbox team showed off the full range of the New Xbox Experience that will launch with the Xbox Series X this holiday season. The highlights are this:

  • Home screen loads 50% faster on initial boot.
  • Returning from a game to home is 30% faster.
  • The new U.I. uses 40% less memory thus freeing up system resources for developers.
  • The store launches in about than two seconds.

Our Take

It’s always nice when we see improvements to the way in which we interact with our games and platforms and traditionally, that has been a big change when a new console generation arrives. While the current Xbox One U.I. has generally been a positive experience, we truly love the new store and knowing that type of design will be used for the Series X and all Xbox platforms going forward definitely has us excited.

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