Remedy and 505 Games Limit the Versions of Control that will be Upgraded for PS5 and Xbox Series X

Every time we think the industry is moving the right direction with next-generation approaching, a company has to step in and remind us that it’s not so simple. This morning, that developer is Remedy and publisher 505 Games.


Control has been a pretty big hit for the Xbox One and PS4 and with the Alan Wake crossover expansion on the way, fans were riding high. However, this morning they announced that for fans moving to the PS5 or the Xbox Series X, they will only receive the “next-gen upgrade” for free if they have purchased the Ultimate Edition.

Control Upgrade

Our Take

This is poor. There’s really nothing else we can say on this. This is a poor decision and it’s poor for supporters of the game and expansions. We hope Remedy and 505 Games changes this policy.

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