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If you’re familiar with gaming chairs, then you’ve most likely heard of Secret Lab. Their products are widely regarded as some of the best on the market. Over the past couple of years they’ve worked with major developers/publishers on producing some franchise specific chairs for fans to celebrate their love of those universes.

After CD Projekt Red’s initial episode of Night City Wire this week, they unveiled the Cyberpunk 2077 themed Secret Lab chair. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one and I’ve now been using it for the past few hours. As someone who typically works in a corporate office, I’ve had many years of experience with office chairs and to say there can be a disparity in their quality would be a massive understatement. The good news here is that Secret Lab’s reputation seems to be well deserved.

This is a very high quality chair. It’s heavy, well constructed, and uses high-grade materials. While Secret Lab typically offers a few surface material options, their themed chairs come in their “PRIME 2.0 PU” synthetic leather. This gives them increased durability and allows them to heavily customize the embroidery which, just as with the chair’s components, is very high quality as well. In the case of this chair in particular, the Samurai logo on the back in incredible.



Having complete customization in your seating position is imperative for a good gaming chair and again, the Titan doesn’t disappoint. Ergonomically the chair already provides excellent support and when combined with a wealth of features it can suit just about anyone. It has locking and adjustable tilt, a deep recline, and “4D” armrests that can be adjusted in every way imaginable. Specifically on this Titan model, it also has built in lumbar support that can be increased/decreased with a dial thus eliminating the need for a separate pillow.


Overall, I highly recommend the Titan gaming chair from Secret Lab. It’s the perfect example of “You get what you pay for“. It may cost you more up front, but if you’re someone that spends hours per day either working or gaming in a chair, it’s absolutely a worthwhile investment.

I also give you a closer look at the chair and how it arrives from Secret Lab in the below video!

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