Borderlands 3 : Full Details on the New Expansion, Takedown, DLC 4 Tease, and More!


Gearbox has been steadily updating Borderlands 3 with new features and content, and it seems the best is yet to come. Earlier today, Gearbox announced the new content coming to Borderlands 3 via The Borderlands Show on Twitch. There’s a lot to unpack so let’s get to it!

First, the current takedown side mission Revenge of the Cartels will end on June 4th and be replaced with an entirely new one titled “Takedown at the Guardian Breach“. It will feature new enemies, a new soundtrack, puzzles, and more.


Next, the third expansion is titled “Bounty of Blood : A Fistful of Redemption”. It launches on June 25th and is the biggest expansion yet featuring a new planet, new home town, characters, enemies, legendaries, and more.


  • The new planet is named “Gehenna”. After arriving, you will be introduced to the new “home base” town.
    • The town will have unique features that haven’t been seen before for players to uncover.


  • The first NPC you will meet is named Rose and she will be your ally and guide through the DLC.


  • You will also meet Juno described as “A brawler with a checkered past”.


  • The expansion will feature a new narrator who you will eventually uncover as you play through the missions.
  • A new vehicle is being introduced named the “Jet Beast” and will be the only vehicle that will spawn on Gehenna.

Jet Beast

  • Gehenna will feature new ways to traverse levels including lifts and teleporters as well as new enemies and enemy vehicles.

Lastly, the 4th expansion was teased with an image that seems to allude to Krieg making a return of some sort!

DLC4 tease

The Borderlands Creative Director also detailed changes coming to Mayhem 2.0 and a lot more during the live show. If you missed it, you can find the full VOD here!

Our Take

Frankly, this show was excellent and we’re really hyped for the new content coming to Borderlands 3. It seems Gearbox is really dialed in right now and we can’t wait to continue spreading mayhem across the galaxy.




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