PlayStation Fiscal Results : Digital Growth and Continued PS4 Success

This morning it was PlayStation’s turn to speak to their fiscal results for 2019. For Sony, there’s a mix of both positive and negative news here.

The positive is a mix of continued sales of the PS4 even late in its life cycle, while PSN Plus subscriptions and digital content consumption continue to grow.

  • Shipped a total of 13.6 million PS4’s. Lifetime total now surpasses 110.4 million units.
  • PS Plus subscriptions now at 41.5 million; the highest ever.
    • Total network services up 3.3% YoY
  • Highest ever digital ratio of game sales at 66%.
  • Total revenue was 18.19 billion; the second highest for PlayStation ever.
  • PS4 continues to be on-track to surpass the PS2 at this point in time.



It’s not really negative news per say as 2018 was a record setting year for PlayStation, but there were notable declines year over year in fiscal 2019.

  • Hardware sales were -29.5% YoY
  • Physical software sales were -39.2% YoY
  • Digital software sales were -8.3% YoY


Our Take

The PlayStation brand continues to be a juggernaut and for the PS4 to be selling this well nearly 7 years into its life cycle is impressive. We doubt it will ever top the PS2, but it’s certainly going to be interesting to watch over the next couple of years.

Thank you to ArmGunar on Twitter for the charts


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