Bethesda Confirms that Elder Scrolls 6 is Still Years Away

With Skyrim, and the Elder Scrolls series, holding such a special place in many people’s heart, it shouldn’t be a surprise that there’s already great anticipation for Elder Scrolls 6. However, keep those expectations in check because the game is a few years away at a minimum.

Pete Hines, Global Marketing Head for Bethesda, confirmed this via Twitter when responding to a fan. He once again confirmed (yes it has been discussed before) that Starfield is the next title from Todd Howard’s team and that Elder Scrolls 6 will come after that. As they haven’t even fully introduced Starfield yet, it’s obvious that ES6 is a long ways out yet.


Our Take

This information has been readily shared for some time now so it really shouldn’t be a surprise. The mistake in our opinion, was Bethesda choosing to show a teaser for ES6 when it very clearly was not even being fully developed yet.

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