PlayStation 5 : An Update on Pricing, Production Issues, and Promotional Plans

We’ve talked extensively on how Sony has been unusually quiet regarding the PlayStation 5 to date. It seems that their original plans may have been disrupted after all.


According to a new report from Bloomberg, the global COVID-19 outbreak impacted Sony’s plans in how the PlayStation 5 was going to be presented including possibly cancelling a live press show to unveil the hardware. It’s also noted that the reveal of the PS5 DualSense was done in a “hurried” fashion.

The virus has already upended Sony’s promotional plans. The company may forgo hosting a public press conference for its PS5 release date and price unveiling due to infection fears. Recently, it was forced to reveal its DualSense PS5 controller in a hurried fashion, according to people informed on the matter.

However, according to several sources familiar with their plans, Sony still plans to launch the PlayStation 5 later this year. Though, quantities may be more limited than what we saw with the PlayStation 4.

The company has told assembly partners it would make 5 to 6 million units of the PS5 in the fiscal year ending March 2021, according to other people involved in the machine’s supply chain. When Sony released the PlayStation 4 in November 2013, it sold 7.5 million units in its first two quarters.

This will likely lead to Sony continuing to promote the PlayStation 4 over the next few quarters while production on the PlayStation 5 catches up to demand.

Sony’s strategy, according to several people familiar with its plans, will be to rely on incumbent PlayStation 4 models as a bridge to get new users onto the PlayStation platform’s network services while the PS5 remains in limited supply, the people said.


With regard to pricing, it seems developers are confirming prior reports that the system is simply too expensive to manufacture to launch anywhere below $499. While some analysts believe they may to release at $450 and just take the loss, developers believe it will be in the $499-$549 range.

The PS5’s loftier price tag may also deter initial take-up. Game developers who’ve been creating titles for the next PlayStation anticipate its price to be in the region of $499 to $549, and Bloomberg Intelligence’s Matthew Kanterman points to increased component costs pushing up the price required for Sony to break even. Sony has struggled with its price-setting decision for the PS5 because of scarce components, Bloomberg News has reported.

Our Take

It shouldn’t be surprising that Sony is struggling with how they deliver the PS5 to fans this fall given COVID-19’s impact on the global markets. We can only imagine the challenges that these companies face logistically to try and launch hardware across the world when production capacities are strained and resources are competing.

The good news for fans is that as of this moment, both the PS5 and Xbox Series X are still planned to release this holiday season. If you want one, just make sure you jump on the opportunity!

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