Gears Tactics : Boss Battles Equate to Monster Combat Puzzles

In the latest Gears Tactics Developer Blog, the team gives us some insight into how boss encounters function and why they equate to large puzzles that you will have to solve when the game launches on April 28th.

At the end of each act you will fight a major boss and according to the development team, this is one of the areas the game separates itself from other titles in the genre:

Each boss has unique mechanics that will push you out of your comfort zone and force you to fight on the monster’s terms. The Corpser, for example, raises its legs one turn before slamming them down creating impact zones that will cause huge damage to anyone caught within it (friend or foe). The impact zones are marked by a red area that targets the location of your units. Staying safe sounds simple but the Corpser’s legs are armored, meaning you’ll only be able to damage them when they’re raised.


Additionally, the boss fights have stages and thus, your tactics will need to change over time.

As the battle progresses, things get tougher and tougher. The core mechanics of the fight will stay the same, but each phase shakes up the combat puzzle enough to offset your strategic rhythm and challenge your decision making. For example, for every third of health you take off, the boss will increase the number of special mechanics they can use in a turn. The additional enemies will also become tougher variants forcing you to continually adapt your strategy.


Our Take

We were always excited for Gears Tactics, but the more we’ve seen of the title lately, the more excited we’ve become. It absolutely looks to capture the feeling of the series while simultaneously offering a new, deep, and varied gameplay experience. Only a couple weeks to go!

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