Gears 5 : Operation 3 Brings New Objective Mode, Maps, the Cole Train and More!

Operation 3 lands for Gears 5 next week on March 30th and brings with it a load of updates and improvements.

You can find the full What’s Up post from The Coalition here and we highly recommend reading through it to get all of the details. You can also find a summary of the major changes below as well!


New Game Mode : Gridiron

In Gridiron, two teams of five battle over a flag that can be used to score a touchdown in the opposing team’s endzone. At the start of each round, the flag rotates between one of three locations along the center line of the map. Picking up the flag is as simple as touching it.

Don’t worry, there are no limitations for being a flag carrier other than the massive target on your back. Fight hard and slay up!

After picking up the flag and entering the enemy endzone you’ll need to survive for 5 seconds to score a touchdown. Be careful! If at any time you go down or die then the flag is dropped at your feet, and can be grabbed by the enemy team.

As much as the flag is the center of the action in Gridiron, this is a one-life mode so kills pay the bills. Eliminating the enemy team can also secure you a round victory, so you will need to consider how you focus your effort between the battle over the flag and the weapons and positions available on the map.

Here are the 3 ways you can secure a round victory and score points for your team:

  • 2 Points for a Touchdown (scoring as above)
  • 2 Points for an Elimination victory (squad wipe).
  • 1 Point for a Possession victory (holding the flag when the round timer ends)

The first team to hit 13 points wins the match, and with a short two-minute time limit per round, combat in Gridiron is rapid and intense!

New Heroes and Villains

Heroes: Augustus Cole and Clayton Carmine

Villains: Queen Myrrah and Theron Guard



Pahanu: A brand new map set among the ruins of an old civilization and the twisted oversized trunks of the jungle.

Canals: Does it get any more classic than snipe battles on Canals? This Gears 1 favorite is back in it’s new look introduced in Gears 4. Own the bridges, own the map.


Tour of Duty 3

A new operation brings with it a load of new items to unlock – have a look!

Tour of Duty 3

Our Take

The team at The Coalition continues to deliver new content and updates to Gears 5 at a solid pace and while they haven’t all been amazing, the game has come a long way since launch and we absolutely still enjoy playing it. We’re really looking forward to Gridiron as objective modes in Gears are always a blast with a good team. And of course, it doesn’t hurt that Cole and Clayton are back!

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