Developer to Debut Xbox Series X Exclusive Running at Native 4K / 120FPS

One of the biggest questions going into next-generation is how developers will take advantage of the huge increase in horsepower. Native 4K / 60fps is often discussed while framerates up to 120fps have also been mentioned regularly. One thing we didn’t expect, is a developer saying they would debut a title running at native 4K / 120fps next week.

Dynamic Voltage Games posted the surprise message on Twitter earlier today regarding an upcoming Xbox Series X exclusive.

Of course, this is a smaller development studio and we have no idea what type of game it is nor the resources it requires, so keep your expectations in check. But at at this point, we’re still very interested to see new titles running on the next-gen consoles particularly if they are going to be showing off new features.

Our Take

You can expect a lot of this in the coming months as we get closer to launch and development studios begin to get a handle on the Series X and PS5 dev kits and APIs. As we always say, we truly love the lead up to a new generation. The more they show the better!


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