Xbox GM Hints at Another Development Studio Acquisition


Gamestudios2Microsoft Game Stack Live is a two day event that began today and runs through tomorrow covering the latest in game development, hardware advances, and more. The full schedule of events for tomorrow includes a look at Xbox Series X and xCloud (all times PST):

10:00 Previously on Game Stack Live 10:15 How inXile used creative iteration to drive Wasteland’s development

10:40 Panel: How online services are defining the next generation of game development

11:40 Xbox Series X + Project xCloud = New Chapter in Gaming

12:40 The spark of creativity that drives Double Fine

1:20 What’s new in DirectX: Raytracing, mesh shading, and more​

During today’s live stream, a pre-recorded segment featuring Kevin Gamill, the General Manager of Game Developer Experiences for Xbox, commented on first party studios. In the segment he specifically references 16 first party studios.

What’s unique about gaming at Microsoft is that we build the tools for game developer and then we use them across our 16 first-party studios to actually create games. We recognize game development is about pushing technology to its absolute limits.

Of course, for those of us paying close attention to such matters, as of this moment Xbox Game Studios only comprises 15 studios. Now, there have been rumors of additional studio acquisitions for some time, but nothing has been confirmed to date.

Could this be the rumored Asobo?  Potentially Techland? Or could it merely be a mistake?  We’re not sure just yet, but we’re sure we’ll find out soon.

Our Take

It seems to be the nature of the industry right now to collect talent to build games in-house. The Xbox team has been very clear that they are not done expanding/acquiring and so it won’t be a surprise if another studio (or more) are announced. We’re excited to find out!

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