Cyberpunk 2077 to Feature a Full Melee Combat System

While we’ve seen many combat scenarios in Cyberpunk 2077 footage to date, and we know about the Laser Whip and Mantis Blades, we hadn’t seen any details on a complete melee combat system.

According to Neon Arcade, the melee system in Cyberpunk 2077 is far more extensive than we imagined. It supposedly includes blocking, parrying, and loadout weapons like the Mantis Blades and Katanas.

Our Take

The more we hear about Cyberpunk 2077, the more we like. The closed doors gameplay we’ve been privy too has been impressive. But while we’ve seen some melee combat, we certainly didn’t realize there was a full blocking and parrying system at play. We hope this provides players with more variety in how to approach builds and combat scenarios.

By Seasoned Gaming

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