Documentary “Pretending I’m a Superman” to Cover Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Series

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater is a legendary title in the gaming industry. It took the world by storm after release and many consider Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 to be a seminal skateboarding title. While it fell off in latter years, it’s still reflected upon fondly by many who grew up with it.

A new documentary will look to bring those memories to life and highlight the journey of Hawk and the series. Titled “Pretending I’m a Superman”, the documentary is being created by former Neversoft producer Ralph D’Amato who teamed up with Swedish filmmaker Ludvig Gür. It is being financed independently and will feature Hawk along with interviews with Steve Caballero, Chad Muska, and many more involved in the popular video game series.

The film will premier at the Mammoth Film Festival on February 29th with Hawk in attendance along with a panel of the filmmakers.


Our Take

Many of us grew up with THPS being an integral part of our gaming journey. The first few games were part of popular culture and adored throughout the industry. We’re excited for the film and re-visiting those times!

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