Official Xbox Turkey Account Seems to have Leaked Cuphead Content

In a now deleted tweet, the official Xbox account from Turkey posted the below picture related to Cuphead.

Cuphead Leak

Of course there are a couple of notable things in this tweet. First, Cuphead is not currently available on Game Pass. So this is likely a sign that the game will soon be available.

But more interesting (at least to us) is that the boss screen shown is not a boss that was in Cuphead. Rather, a Reddit user rightly pointed out that the image of the character is highly reminiscent of “Sayori” from the anime Doki Doki Literature Club. Which could also mean that someone merely put some poor Cuphead references together for this tweet.

Could this mean that the expansion is closer than we think and will be available on Game Pass? We’re not sure, but we’ll certainly have our eyes peeled!

By Seasoned Gaming

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