Rumor : Resident Evil 8 Details Begin to Surface

There’s some interesting new details on Resident Evil 8 courtesy of the YouTube channel “Residence of Evil”.  As always, take these details with a grain of salt.

Resident Evil 8 will continue to be first person and Ethan will return as the protagonist. Additionally:

  • Zombies return
  • Werewolves will be introduced as a new enemy type
  • There will be a new “stalker” enemy type
  • Chris Redfield will make an appearance in some form

Our Take

While we loved the Resident Evil 2 remake and await the RE3 Remake as well, we’re very anxious to see the next new entry in the long running franchise. The details sound good so far and as we adored RE7, we can’t wait to see what the team has in store for RE8.

By Seasoned Gaming

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