X019 : Full Summary / Recap of Announcements and Game Trailers

The special episode of Inside Xbox for X019 has wrapped up and with it, an impressive show with quite a few announcements. Below you can find a full summary of the show!

  • Everwild is a new IP from Rare.

  • Grounded is a new IP from Obsidian that arrives in Spring of 2020.

  • Tell Me Why is the new game from DONTNOD (Life is Strange) and is being published by Xbox Game Studios. All episodes will be available in Summer 2020 and will be in Game Pass.

  • As expected, Age of Empires 4 was finally unveiled. Additionally, the Xbox Game Studios studio who will handle AoE going forward has been named World’s Edge.

  • Bleeding Edge as we reported earlier, is arriving on March 24th. Pre-orders and Game Pass subscribers will have access to betas in early 2020.

  • CrossfireX is coming to Xbox in 2020 and will also include a single player campaign made by Remedy Entertainment. The title itself will include a wealth of multiplayer modes including Battle Royale and will be free to play. The first gameplay was shown after the intro video on development.

  • Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition is available now and is in Game Pass.

  • Wasteland 3 arrives on May 19th and as with all Xbox Game Studios titles, will launch into Game Pass.

  • Minecraft Dungeons arrives in April!

  • A new trailer for Flight Simulator was shown and looks absolutely stunning.

  • Halo Reach arrives on PC and in 4K as part of the Master Chief Collection on December 3rd!

  • A couple of titles were shown from Annapurna Interactive including a new IP titled Last Stop, as well as a new trailer for The Artful Escape.

  • For the first time, Yakuza arrives on the Xbox including Yakuza 0, Kiwami, and Kiwami 2. And they are all coming to Game Pass in early 2020.

  • A load of new [email protected] titles are on their way and it was announced that all of them are launching into Game Pass.

  • In addition to [email protected], a load of new AAA titles are also coming to Game Pass.

  • KartRider : Drift is coming to consoles starting with the Xbox in 2020.

  • Planet Coaster is coming to consoles starting with the Xbox in Summer 2020.

There were additional announcements outside of game trailers as well.

  • An update on Project xCloud was presented.
    • As of today, the available games have been expanded from 5 to over 50.
    • In early 2020, new markets will be expanded to including Canada, Western Europe, India, and more.
    • New devices will be expanded to as well including Windows 10 devices and IOS in 2020.
  • Phil Spencer spoke on first party support and stated that fans should likely expect new game announcements at every show going forward.
  • Nine titles from the Final Fantasy franchise are arriving on the Xbox as well and all into Game Pass.


  • There will be live streams the next two days as well.



Lastly, it was formally announced that Xbox Game Pass will be fully available on Project xCloud in the future. If you want to understand further about how that will work, along with the market potential in the future, we suggest reading this excellent article by Porshapwr!


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