Xbox Project Scarlett : Updated Info Slide Claims Power Crown

You feel that? The ninth generation of consoles is approaching and you know what that means; it’s time for competitive marketing. While we’re unlikely to see anything quite on the level of “Genesis does what Nintendon’t” from the 16-bit era, there will be definitely be some prodding as the Xbox team attempts to regain ground with consumers after the disastrous Xbox One launch.

With the PlayStation 5 details being revealed yesterday by Sony and WIRED, it seems the Xbox team is wasting no time in defining what Scarlett will be to gamers next Holiday when it releases. And that is; the most powerful console on the market again.

Specifically, the image as seen via Xbox’s official page for the console states, “Project Scarlett will set a new bar for console power, speed, and performance…” and continues “Thousands of games across four console generations will look and play best on Project Scarlett”.


Our Take

A new console generation is the most exciting time for us here at SG and we simply can’t wait. We’ll be covering the PS5 and Scarlett extensively so stay tuned!

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