Apex Legends : Fight or Fright Event Begins Next Week

Respawn is introducing a new timed event for Apex Legends titled Fight or Fright. As you would imagine it’s celebrating the Halloween theme and will offer unique cosmetics and loot for players in what they are calling a “Collection Event”.

From October 15 to November 5 we will be running our next limited-time event for Apex Legends, Fight or Fright. This haunting event is packed with exciting content including an all-new limited-time mode featuring Kings Canyon at night, exclusive event challenges where you can earn free loot, special Halloween inspired Collection Event cosmetics, and more.”

  • ¬†Limited Time Mode – Shadowfall
    • Featuring a nighttime version of Kings Canyon
  • Exclusive event challenges with free earnable cosmetics, including Two Legendary Weapon Skins
  • 24 Event Limited premium cosmetics that players can now unlock in one of three ways:
    • Direct purchase for Apex Coins
    • Direct unlock with Crafting Metals
    • Random unlock with Event Apex Packs
      • ¬†Additionally, the Event Currency in these packs has been replaced with non-event loot drops, yielding more loot overall
  • Lifeline Heirloom Set Preview
    • Unlock all 24 Fight or Fright pack cosmetics during the event and unlock the Lifeline Heirloom set for free
  • Double XP for Top 5 & Wins Weekend

There are a load more details to the event which you can find via Respawn’s official blog post here so be sure to check it out : Fight or Fright Event

Our Take

It’s fantastic to see Respawn breathing continued life into Apex Legends. In our opinion it began to feel a little stale for a while but with season 3, Crypto, and now this event, it seems like as good a time as any to jump back in!


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