Code Vein Playable Demo Now Live

Seemingly lost in the shuffle of the major releases this fall has been Code Vein. In development for quite some time and affectionately referred to as “Dark Souls meets Anime”, its release is now just around the corner on September 27th.

For players anxious to try the title or see if it’s worth their time in a few weeks, there is now a playable demo up on Xbox Live and PSN. It clocks in at just under 9gb and introduces players to character building and the early part of the game.


Our Take

We’ve enjoyed the time we’ve spent with Code Vein to date and are excited for players to get their hands on the title. While seemingly taking some aspects from the Soulsborne titles, it also forges it’s own path in numerous ways. Our biggest concern at this point is the level design which has felt linear and shallow to date, but that could change once out of the early game. We’re certainly excited to play more!

By Seasoned Gaming

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