Telltale Games is NOT the same Telltale Games

A lot of news has come out about how Telltale Games is back and Telltale is hiring old employees and certain franchises would be revived. While it’s true that Telltale may be back in a sense, they are not back as a whole and only from an assets perspective. At the moment there hasn’t been any confirmation or details on what may be in development or being revived. Lets go over a few details to make clear what may have a future and what may be simply hopeful speculation.

Licenses and Assets:

  • LCG Entertainment has purchased all of Telltale assets, this includes Wolf Among US and Batman
  • The Walking Dead license is with Skybound Games
  • Marvel (Guardians of the Galaxy) is back with Marvel
  • Minecraft is back with Microsoft
  • Stranger Things back with Netflix (this was a rumored game in development at Telltale)
  • Game of Thrones TBA


Company and Staffing:

  • Telltale headquarters has been moved to Malibu (was previously in Northern California)
  •  LCG Entertainment will be doing business as Telltale Games and will focus on game development, finance and operations.
  • Athlon will serve as the marketing and publishing arm. This is with the back catalog and future releases.
  • Key talent has been rehired or Contracted at Telltale. However, IGN has reported ” that none of the creative or development teams were included as rehires. Many positions are freelance with the potential to turn full time.” 
  • There is still no comment on severances paid out to ex staff and that will remain in California courts at the moment.

We really don’t know what this means for a sequel or continuation to any stories told by Telltale Games’ previous games. It’s important that we keep a lot of this press release and rumors asleep until we know more about this purchase and future studio plans.

Source: Telltale Games Press Release


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