Call of Duty Modern Warfare : Extensive Multiplayer Details Leak

Below is the latest leak of information we’ve been able to get our hands on the Modern Warfare multiplayer suite. We believe this list is accurate and if so, it’s certainly shaping up to be the Call of Duty many of us have been waiting for.


  • There are original Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 developers working on the title including the lead map designer.
  • It is not a remake but rather a re-imagining.
  • Crossplay is present for all platforms and is input based. If you plug in a controller you will be matched vs other console controller players with no opt out option (console players can opt into playing vs KBM and consoles have native KBM support).
  • Cross platform lobbies are present as well; anyone from any platform can play together.
  • There is cross platform in game text and voice chat.
  • Infinity Ward is working on cross-progression between all platforms.
  • Boots on the ground feel but fast paced including knee sliding and mantling.
  • The title includes Campaign, Multiplayer, and the return of Spec Ops. Battle Royale is still rumored but not confirmed.
  • Developers are moving away from symmetrical arena style maps with the “3 lane” design in favor of more realistic looking locations.
  • Game modes will support up to 10 vs 10 on normal maps along with 20 vs 20 and 100+ player big team battles. This is in addition to Gunfight which is 2 vs 2.
  • So far there are four Gunfight maps, fifteen regular MP maps and five big team battle maps.
  • The game ending nuke is returning as well as other fan favorite “ultra” killstreaks.
  • Night vision and Infra-Red lasers will appear in multiplayer.
  • All post-launch content will be free including maps and modes.
  • New third person execution system.
  • The Operators will represent a faction.
  • New “Realism” mode similar to hardcore; mode has separate balance, no HUD, headshots are OSK, no hit markers or kill sound/indicators shoot until your target no longer moves.
  • New competitive 2v2 “Gun fight mode” in small maps with either random rotating loadouts for all players or choose your own loadout rotation (all players use the same loadout every round, every 2 rounds load outs change).
  • Mini map is replaced by compass system unless a UAV is called in (subject to change)
  • Complete overhaul to weapon mechanics including reloading while ADS
  • There is no more “Pick 10” system for your class.
  • There is a very large amount of weapon customization via the new Gunsmith in which you can choose from sixty attachments per primary and fourty for secondaries. You can attach up to five per weapon.
  • You can change the caliber and attachments on weapons to technically create a new weapon.
  • New recoil patterns with more realistic projectiles.
  • Weapon progression works across all modes.
  • There are eight tactical and eight lethal grenade options (so far) and you can throw off-handed.
  • There are wall mountable weapons that can be used in multiplayer.
  • Mid-match class customization (next life).
  • Gun barrels smoke when weapon is discharged.
  • Doors can be peeked and breached as well as open and closed. Also, light switches can be turned on and off.
  • Squad mates will have an outline.
  • Perks will essentially function the same way
  • New “Field Upgrade” system similar to specialist abilities that starts the match on cooldown.
  • Killstreaks are back now. Some rely on a direct line-of-sight in order to be used properly.
  • There are other vehicles in the game now such as an ATV and drivable tanks (in specific modes).
  • A focus on binging back “exploration and discovery” into maps similar to the paths on Highrise you could navigate to reach the top of the map.
  • You can now toggle fire modes: full-auto, semi-auto, and burst fire. This depends on the weapon and can be customized too.
  • Sprint has been modified. Standard sprinting is unlimited while an even faster sprint can be used in limited fashion and delays weapon firing
  • Realistic cosmetic customization and staying away from the “show off” cosmetics that have plagued recent CODs.


Our Take

Quite frankly, all of this is sounding excellent and makes us only more excited for Modern Warfare. It certainly seems as though Infinity Ward has listened to fan feedback over the past few years and is taking advantage of the new engine to its fullest. We can’t wait to dive in.

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