Xbox Studios Hiring Points to Potential Xbox VR Titles

An interesting announcement made by inXile on Twitter today has us wondering if VR is in the cards for Xbox in the future.

inXile Entertainment announced that they are looking for a Senior Unreal 4 Multiplayer Engineer for an “unannounced VR project”. With inXile being part of Xbox Game Studios now, it raises some intriguing possibilities. It could simply mean that some Xbox Game Studios teams will work on games that appear only on PC and thus will benefit from Windows 10 VR support. However, it could also mean that part of the future road map for Xbox, and likely Scarlett, is VR compatibility. Of course, we are hoping for the latter.

We’d like to give a shout out to our follower Ralf for pointing this out to us!

Our Take

We’re both excited and intrigued by this. With the PSVR being a success and popular with our editors, along with the rumors of a new version being developed in coordination with the PS5, it would be great to see Xbox enter the market as well with compatible devices for their home consoles. We’ll certainly be keeping an eye on this going forward!

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