Rumor : Watch Dogs 3 Details Leak Ahead of E3

As to be expected with E3 approaching, rumors are starting to fly about many upcoming projects. The latest is Watch Dogs 3. While it’s seemingly been in development for some time, and has been rumored to take place in London, we haven’t heard much else. That is, until a Reddit post just yesterday which details the following:

  • You take the role of a young half-English/half-Asian woman named Sarah.
  • You work for a counter terrorist organization in London and are tasked with infiltrating a hacking group from the inside.
  • There will be no lethal weapons this time around, rather you will be armed with items like a taser and baton.
  • Parkour movement returns and is more fluid and natural. You can also skateboard.
  • Part of the story involves your brother dying from a drug overdose and thus some side missions include things such as finding and shutting down drug dens.
  • The setting is near-future and thus a slightly different take on London.
  • We will see the game in full at E3 and a November 2019 release is planned.

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Our Take

As always, take the rumors with a grain of salt. However, from what we’ve heard, these certainly sound plausible. We’re really excited for Watch Dogs 3 and hope it brings some of the positives from both 1 and 2 to create a truly unique and memorable experience. Given Ubisoft’s recent track record, we have high expectations.


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