Borderlands 3 Cosplay Guide Offers Details and Character Profiles of New Vault Hunters

Gearbox has provided official Borderlands 3 cosplay details to help cosplayers accurately portray the new Vault Hunters. In doing so, they’ve given fans more insight and background details into the new group of four.

The official site can be found here and below you will find the profile portraits and a summary of the new details learned for each Vault Hunter:

Moze : The Gunner

  • Ex-Vladof Ursa Corps Soldier and a veteran of conflicts across the galaxies.
  • Currently a mercenary.
  • Digistructs her heavy mech, titled “Iron Bear”, from her digistruct pack.
  • Her class mod has the look of a canteen.
  • Note, her guide also gives a closer look at her default weaponry.


Amara : The Siren

  • Amara is described as brass, aggressive, and self-assured.
  • Has been in a number of conflicts against oppressors and hails from her home planet of Partali.
  • Her class mod has the look of a scroll.


Fl4k : The Beastmaster

  • Fl4k is genderless and an emerging A.I.
  • She connects to her animals and doesn’t comprehend human society.
  • Her pets are a skag, jabber, and spiderant.
  • Her hands only have 4 fingers and her right foot is a claw.
  • The pins on her jacket are references to the Non-Binary Flag and Greentooth Awards.
  • Her class mods are beanie baby versions of each pet.


Zane Flynt : The Operative

  • Zane has been employed by major corporations for espionage, assassinations, and more.
  • He is the brother of Baron and Captain Flynt.
  • He has traveled the galaxy and is now a mercenary.
  • His class mod has the look of a binocular.


Our Take

Both the general Borderlands community and the cosplayers within have a great deal of love for the Vault Hunters and with the anticipation for Borderlands 3 being so high, every new detail is cherished. This was especially cool of Gearbox to provide so far in advance to give fans time to prepare for conventions, launch, and the inevitable character streams.

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