NetherRealm Studios Addresses the Mortal Kombat 11 Grind Complaints

This afternoon, NetherRealm Studios held a special Kombat Kast to address the growing, vocal complaints from Mortal Kombat fans around the design of progression in the title. As players discovered upon spending some time with the game, unlocking all of the items and cosmetics was locked behind an extensive grind. Fortunately, NetherRealm heard the complaints and is addressing at least some of them rather quickly.

A number of updates were discussed in the live stream, but here are the notable highlights:

  • All players will be awarded a sum of currency that includes 500,000 koins, 500 hearts, 1,000 souls and 1,000 time crystals.
  • Currency will be awarded far more often in greater amounts.
  • Towers of Time has already received some reworks. Those include the amount of health enemies have, adjustments to unblockable hazards, and more.
  • NRS clarified how the crypt is laid out in that all chests contain the same items but the locations of each chest are randomized for each player. All players can eventually unlock the same items.
  • Lastly, they commented on how the game wasn’t designed to force players to spend real money, just to make sure there was a lasting unlockable chain. Obviously this could be debated by players.

The update is expected to land “hopefully by the end of the week” but it could be early next week at the latest.

If you’d like to watch the Kast in full, you can find it here : Kombat Kast Update

Our Take

While it’s disappointing that Mortal Kombat 11 launched with these issues, particularly with the rest of the core experience being so excellent, it’s a positive thing that NRS is addressing concerns so quickly. We hope this is only the start of adjustments and they will continue to evolve the game based on player feedback.

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  • I can’t find anywhere else to complain but, can you guys fix Towers of Time again, literally stage 9 scarlet, is way to overpowered because of the meat assist who shouldn’t even be there because he’s not on the roster, along with other assists. Scarlet does way to much damage in that tower and is basically impossible to do, Zoning don’t work because, she’s meant for that so you can not out zone her. Having only one little tiny healing area that heals her as well puts the players at a complete disadvantage because she does more damage than what we can heal for and she already has other buffs, she don’t need more. You want to make a game enjoyable, make things abit easier and not so stressful. I’ve tried 20 times or more and still can’t do it, not to mention brutalities on her tower is stupidly impossible. To the netherrealm to those who worked on towers of Time and made it stupidly hard. FIX IT NOW because, somewhere down the line, your gonna be losing people because of your stupidity.

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