Google Announces Gaming Platform “Stadia”

Google’s GDC Keynote has just wrapped up and as expected, they finally revealed some of the details of its foray into gaming.

Google is approaching gaming as primarily a streaming service titled “Stadia”. Using Stadia, you will be able to stream games on nearly any platform with Google claiming that 4K/60fps will be supported. They plan to support real-time gaming transition from one platform to the next and supporting content creators by integrating Stadia and YouTube seamlessly.

As leaked last week, there will be an official Stadia controller as well which will connect via Wi-Fi directly to the Google Datacenter.

Stadia controller

There are likely many more details to come, and Google needs to answer many questions yet, but competition always benefits the gamers so we’re excited to see what they do.

Our Take

This is a little different from what was originally anticipated from Google. When you get down to the core of the play here, this is Google’s answer to XCloud but without having the ability to play on a local machine if you so choose.  We believe that Google’s implementation for creators and how they can tie Stadia to YouTube will be critical. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more!

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