Halo : The Master Chief Collection is coming to PC

Well the rumors were true. Halo the Master Chief Collection is coming to PC. PC fans can expect ultra wide support and a host of other features as 343i explained they want this to be a premier PC experience. All titles will not release at once, instead releasing one at a time starting with Halo: Reach. But most surprising, and likely welcome, is that the MCC will release on Steam as well.

The other news fans have been waiting to hear is that Halo: Reach is being added to MCC as well and remastered to 4K/60fps on the Xbox One X.  Reach multiplayer is included for anyone who currently owns MCC and the Reach campaign and firefight are also being added as a premium digital addition (which is free if you’re a Game Pass subscriber).

Our take:

The PC Community has been waiting to play MCC for a very long time and we’re very excited for this release. We’ve also been begging 343i to bring Halo:Reach to MCC so it seems our dreams have come true. The fact that the entire Halo series will now be playable, with modern mechanics, on a single release is nothing short of extraordinary. Now to play it in enhanced glory!

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