Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered Rated by PEGI

A rumor began circling a few days ago that we may see a remastered version of the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign bundled with Modern Warfare 4 (which is also rumored to be this year’s Call of Duty entry). Well with it now being rated by PEGI, it seems we are definitely getting it this Fall.

What’s very interesting however, is that it specifically lists it as “Campaign Remastered”. If that is true, and it’s only the campaign, we know many players will be disappointed as they have been requesting the multiplayer from Modern Warfare 2 for a long time now.  We have to imagine there would at least be some MW2 multiplayer maps in MW4.


Our Take

This is exciting and MW2’s campaign was an enjoyable one for sure. We believe that Activision has learned from Infinite Warfare’s bundle in that offering two different multiplayer suites on day one isn’t the best idea. Rather, we believe we’ll see Modern Warfare 4 with multiplayer maps and/or features from MW2 thus creating the “total package”. As soon as we know more, we’ll share!


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