Sony’s Financial Report Shows Strong PS4 Sales and Impressive Digital Revenue

As we’ve reported the past two days, the Xbox division is doing extremely well, Nintendo is doing extremely well, and thus it should come as no surprise that PlayStation is doing extremely well. With the largest install base worldwide by a significant margin, the PS4’s digital revenue in particular, really stands out. Here are the highlights:

  • Worldwide shipments for the PS4 have topped 94 million units.
  • PSN generated revenue of 434 billion yen for the quarter (about $4 billion) which is up 45% year over year.
  • Total revenue for PlayStation’s network services in 2018 was 1,373 billion yen (about $12.5 billion).

You can find Sony’s full financial report here : PlayStation’s impressive results

Our Take

We’re like a broken record around here, but as we keep saying all three companies in the console market are performing extremely well and growing. It’s a tremendous thing to witness and demonstrates just how big gaming is growing to be across the world.

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