Konami Trademarks “Metal Gear” and “Metal Gear Solid” in Europe

There’s been a lot of interesting movement over the past couple of weeks with potential games and here’s yet another one. Konami has trademarked both “Metal Gear” and “Metal Gear Solid” in Europe as of October 25th.


We of course have no details as to what this means just yet. However, given Konami’s more recent history with not only Metal Gear, but gaming in general, we’re not getting our hopes up. That said, there’s a large fan base out there that would adore seeing a new Metal Gear Solid game if developed well.

Our Take

In our opinion, this is more likely related to some sort of remake or remaster than a new game. With Kojima gone, Metal Gear Survive performing horribly, and Konami abandoning the majority of their console and PC gaming, we just don’t see a new big budget Metal Game game being developed any time soon.

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