Battlefield V : DICE Lays Out Development Roadmap w/ Firestorm


Battlefield V is only three weeks away now and DICE is getting ahead of players’ expectations by laying out the roadmap for the title through the Spring.

We along with many others are of course very curious about the new Battle Royale mode titled “Firestorm”. According to this roadmap, DICE will be waiting to launch the mode until March. Whether this is due to more development time being needed or merely not wanting it to get overlooked in the Fall we’re unsure, but we’re still excited to see gameplay from it.

Outside of Firestorm, DICE has detailed the “Tides of War” which will add new content to Battlefield V every couple of months. The following is planned as of today:

  • Chapter 1 : Overture (Early December – January)
    • Panzerstorm map.
    • The Last Tiger war story.
    • Practice Range.
    • Vehicle customization added.
    • Weekly events and rewards.
  • Chapter 2 : Lightning Strikes (January – March)
    • Combined Arms – a 4 player co-op experience.
    • Two new game modes : Revamped Rush and Squad Conquest.
    • Weekly events and rewards.
  • Chapter 3 : Trial by Fire (March – TBD)
    • Firestorm (Battle Royale) mode debuts.
    • Greece map.
    • Weekly events and rewards.

You can find the full update directly from EA and DICE here: Battlefield V Roadmap

Our Take

This is both exciting and disappointing to us here at SG. As we’ve talked about regularly, we’re big fans of both PUBG and the new Blackout mode in Black Ops 4. Knowing that we won’t get to experience Battle Royale in Battlefield until March is a shame. However, given the Fall schedule it may not be a bad thing in the end and if it gives DICE and Criterion more time to tune the mode, then we’re all for it. All that said, between the delay in Firestorm, new game modes, and vehicle customization post-launch, we’re starting to wonder if Battlefield V is truly ready for prime time.

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