Red Dead Redemption 2 : Development Details and Install Sizes

We’re just over a week away…

It seems surreal that we are now just over a week away until Red Dead Redemption 2 but here we are. With it so close, we’ve learned a few more details about the title which quite frankly, are staggering.

First, the install size is 88.57gb as confirmed by the digital pre-load on the Xbox One. We are however unsure if this includes Xbox One X (or PS4 Pro) enhancements as of this writing.

Next, some of the details of just how big of a game RDR2 is are surfacing. The campaign length is said to be between 60-65 hours just for the main story. Given the size of the world and the time spent doing other activities, that seems extremely long and will definitely be comparable to (or surpass) some of the largest games of the generation like The Witcher 3. But even more impressive to us are the details around the script:

  • It has over 500,000 spoken lines of dialogue.
  • The script is over 2,000 pages long.
  • Over 700 voice actors play a part in the title.
  • Over 300,000 animations were captured.


Our Take

Nothing to be said here. We are all going to try and balance RDR2 time with family and careers. Wish us luck.

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