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Forza Horizon began as the open world variant to the hugely popular Forza Motorsport franchise. Since its debut in 2012, the series has continued to evolve and iterate the open world racing formula with Forza Horizon 3 being called one of the greatest racing games ever made by critics. The question therefore was “How would Playground Games top Horizon 3?”. The good news for all of us, is that Playground Games had the answer.

Horizon 4 is not revolutionary and in fact, does many similar things to its predecessors, but it takes nearly every aspect of the series and simply takes it to another level. The world, this time based in the UK, is gorgeous with a map that’s filled with more objectives than ever. The Horizon Showcase events return and are grander than ever including a Halo themed one that pays homage to Xbox fans. The introduction of seasons, which change every week, open the game to changing racing styles, events, and allow you to frequently switch up the vehicles you’re using. And through all of it, you are accompanied by friends or other real world players who you can completely ignore, or join at any time.

Every aspect of Forza Horizon 4 impresses. It is stunningly gorgeous, exciting, serene, and endlessly deep. If you’re a car or racing game fan, you’ll be in heaven and even if you’re not, you’ll still likely enjoy yourself. Horizon 4 is a must play game and as with all Microsoft first party titles, you can play the full game via Game Pass as well.

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