Inside Xbox Summary : Keyboard/Mouse Support, the Return of XO, and More!

Microsoft ran a special episode of Inside Xbox today to celebrate the pending release of Forza Horizon 4 and during the show, pleased fans of the platform with several additional announcements. The most notable announcements from the show are highlighted below:

  • Official mouse and keyboard support are coming to Preview next month. The Xbox team is partnering with Warframe to run the initial testing.
    • Xbox has partnered with Razer and will be releasing official Xbox branded accessories with the well known peripheral maker.
    • As we’ve seen with the Xbox team in recent years, they are giving full freedom to developers to decide how they implement Mouse/KB support into their titles.
  • The Xbox fan show, XO, returns this year. It will take place in Mexico City on November 10th and will be dedicated to fans and announcements for the platform.

Phil Spencer announces XO and Mouse/KB support

  • The new Xbox Avatars are officially launching with the next system update in October.
  • The launch of Forza Horizon 4 is only the beginning according to Playground Games and they detailed the roadmap for the title including the seasons approach, DLC, new cars, etc…

Our Take

While there weren’t many new announcements, there are some truly notable ones here. Mouse/KB support has long been requested and it’s great to see Microsoft officially support the peripherals on the platform. Partnering with Razer simply makes sense as well as they are a well known, quality manufacturer of the devices.

It’s also fantastic to see the return of XO and we’ll be covering that on November 10th from Mexico City!

Lastly, I believe we’ve said our peace on Forza Horizon 4 which is very likely the greatest open-world racing game ever created. Look for some SG Streams in the near future with members of the community!

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