PUBG : Details on the New Snow Map “Dihor Otok”

Thanks to, we have a few more details on the upcoming 4th map for PUBG.

The map itself will be 6km x 6km meaning it sits between the size of Sanhok and Erangel/Miramar. It will contain some interesting landmarks as well including a castle, dinopark, and cosmodrome. Some of the more interesting details about the new update are as follows. Please note that as of this moment, you should take these as rumors:

  • The possible addition of a “Night” mode.
  • A new game mode called “Conquest” where you must capture a point on the map similar to other major shooters.
  • New weaponry in the form of C4.
  • A new vehicle based on the VW Beetle.

As of right now, we believe the map to be releasing near the end of 2018. Though, if we were betting, we’d guess the 1st quarter of 2019.

Dihor Otok

Our Take

We still love PUBG around here and as long as they continue to improve and add to the title, we’ll continue playing. The idea of a snow map is excellent as is the potential for a night mode. With Call of Duty and Battlefield arriving on the scene with their Battle Royale modes in a few months, PUBG will need to continue innovating to stay relevant.


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