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We are in a time where comic-based entertainment surrounds us daily with movies, clothing, theme parks, toys, and kids aspiring to be the best version of Captain America they can be. At this point in the gaming industry, did we really have room for another Spider-Man? The resounding answer is yes and Insomniac knocks it out of the park with a great entry into a much needed reboot of the character.

Insomniac tells an excellent story of Peter Parker and stays very loyal to many of the previous stories told in his 50+ year history. At the same time, pacing is an issue and sometimes you’ll find yourself wishing it was a bit more streamlined. From beginning to end you jump from famous villains to some you wouldn’t miss if they had never appeared. At one point, I asked myself if the game was going to end soon or if Insomniac was going to try and cram every one in late in the game. Sadly, it does wrap up quickly where I had hoped it would keep going.

Peppered into the game are side missions with two other characters that really affect the pace of the story and characters and some of the boss battles will leave you wanting more. Some even feel directly ripped out of a couple of the movies from recent years.

Which brings me to my biggest gripe with the title. A lot of the fighting, level design and even movement to an extent, feel borrowed from other franchises. As a long time player of every Arkham game released, I felt right at home with the combat. The fighting system can vary between a simple button masher or a deep experience depending on your play style. I do however wonder if they if Insomniac could have developed a different style or if Batman and Spider-man approach situations in similar ways.

Spider-man has never had so much lore packed into a game, and if you are a long time fan this game was made for you. Traversing your way across New York City feels and looks amazing. Leveling up all of Spidey’s abilities and suits is a blast and you will find yourself continually experimenting with different suits.

Insomniac Games should really be commended for a great first attempt. I cannot wait for the sequel and I’m sure they are already hard at work on it. A few pacing and boss fights aside, it is the best Spider-man game we have ever received. There is a ton to do here and my dreams of “being” Spider-man were answered.

Final Verdict : 9

Fun Factor : 10
Technical Prowess : 8
Time Investment : 15-30 hours
Replayability : 6

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By Bert Saenz (TREBM3)

Gaming since the Atari 2600 and owning about every console stateside since. AKA Mr. Amiibo and resident Nintendo fanboy.

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