PUBG Xbox : 1.0 Release and G-Coin/Crate System Walkthrough

The official release of PUBG on the Xbox (1.0) is but a week away. As expected, in addition to all of the other additions and updates from the final preview build, PUBG Corp. will also be introducing a new G-Coin, crate, and cosmetics system.

Similar to what we’ve seen in other titles, G-Coin will be a second currency in the game that can only be purchased with real money.

G-Coin is the hard currency that will coexist with BP, which is the soft currency that’s currently in the game. G-Coin is purchased with real money, while BP can be earned by playing the game. With 1.0 launch G-Coin can be purchased in the Microsoft Store and in the in-game store.

With G-Coin, you’ll be able to purchase specific cosmetics and event related passes such as:

  • Event Pass: Sanhok
  • Skin sets made up of items that can be obtained from crates
  • Skin sets that can be unlocked from Event Pass: Sanhok
  • Skin sets exclusive to G-Coin


However, crates have undergone an overhaul as well and will only be available to purchase using the existing battle points earned through playing. The changes are as follows:


  • You will now be able to choose which crate you want to buy.
  • We’ve made a few adjustments to the probability of getting certain items in the crates.
  • You will be able to see a preview of what is inside each crate.
  • Crate prices will not increase with each purchase and each type of crate will have a fixed price.
  • There will be no locked crates – You can’t buy keys to open crates, because they have no locks on them.
  • There will now be 5 crate types to purchase (Wanderer, Survivor, Biker, Raider, and Western Military). The Raider crate will feature weapon skins for the first time in the game!


You can find the full blog post from PUBG Corp. here : Xbox 1.0 and Gcoin/Crate System

Our Take

We’ve talked at length about our love for PUBG and this news has us really excited. We can’t wait for the 1.0 release next week and the news of an overhauled crate system is exactly what we needed to hear. We’ll see you on the battleground!


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