E3 : Bethesda’s Showcase : Exciting Content with a Flat Presentation

Bethesda’s conference got off to a strange start with a poor music presentation, quiet audience, and speakers who felt as though they had never presented to an audience before (save for Pete Hines and Todd Howard who are always brilliant). Regardless, there’s some fantastic content coming from Bethesda for all of the franchises their fans know and love. Here are the highlights:

Doom Eternal

The sequel to Doom is titled Doom Eternal! We were hoping to at least hear that it was in development so this was a highlight for us here at SG. We hope it lives up to the high bar of its predecessor which was named SG’s GOTY in 2016.

Prey : Mooncrash DLC and Additional Content

It has been rumored for some time that additional content was coming for Doom and we predicted the Moon based DLC several weeks ago. Ains’s 2017 GOTY was well represented with Mooncrash DLC that is available now, and additional ways to play and modes coming later this year.

Wolfenstein : Youngblood

The next entry in the Wolfenstein franchise is coming sooner than we imagined. Set in the 1980s, decades after Wolfenstein 2, you will play as BJ’s siblings.

Rage 2

Rage 2 got a lengthy demo on stage and it looked to be simply a blast to play. We can’t wait to see more over the next few days.

Fallout 76

Todd Howard gave a very extensive look at Fallout 76 by explaining the world, mechanics, structure, etc.. It’s well worth the watch if you are a Fallout fan.

Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online continues to add meaningful content. With Somerset just having released, the producer of ESO spoke about the expansion and the content coming later this year.


Yes we finally got a trailer for the first new IP from Bethesda in a very long time. Sadly, it was nothing more than a teaser.

Elder Scrolls 6

We’re not quite sure why they showed this teaser as it’s obviously nothing at this point in time, but yes Elder Scrolls 6 will come out eventually…

Funny enough, with all the jokes around Skyrim being available on too many platforms, Todd Howard and the team made a parody video of it.

Finally if you’d like to watch the full conference you can find it below. Enjoy!

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