UPDATED : Battlefield V : Details and Full Reveal Trailer

Updated 12:47am CST, 5/24

We’ve updated our original article to reflect more of the details we’ve learned about Battlefield V. Find them below!

• The launch locations are Africa (including the North Desert), France, and Rotterdam.

• There are now things called “Physical Interactions”. Every action in the game requires a player interaction for items and actions. This includes acquiring medkits, spotting, acquiring ammo, ledge mantling, and more.

• There is a new system titled “Attrition” which manages the health bar which will only regenerate in stages. You will not regenerate to full health. Additionally, you will spawn with less ammo and need to acquire more through the physical interactions.

• The co-op mode is titled “Combined Arms”

• Fortifications can be built in the form of sand bags, trenches, tank stoppers, and more. The support class is the only class that can build offensive fortifications. There will be pre-determined areas to build along with the ability to rebuild destroyed buildings.

• The standard spotting mechanic is gone. Spotting is now based on movement and changes occurring around the player.

• The revive system has been completely re-imagined. It will now take time and cannot be completed in quick succession. Players can be downed and call for help. While Medics can still revive, other classes can also revive at a slower rate and without providing the downed player with full health.

• Player movement is more varied than in previous titles including jumping and diving in all 4 directions.


• There are many changes to the gunplay in the game. Each gun has a unique recoil pattern, bi-pods are faster to use, and there will be full bullet penetration physics that vary depending on the surface of the wall.



• Destruction is not static. Rather it is designed with directional physics in mind such that destruction will be more realistic. If you drive a tank into a building, it will collapse inwards at a slower pace. But an explosion in a building will cause the building to explode outwards at a faster pace.

• Squad mechanics are being completely re-worked as well. You will always be placed in a squad when playing (even solo).  When spawning on squad mates a real-time camera view will be shown to help you decide where best to spawn. The squad leader will be able to use squad points to call in weaponry or vehicles to help the squad/team.


• The four classes will be familiar to players in that they are Assault, Scout, Support, and Medic.

• You’ll be able to create your own soldier, classified as an “Archetype”, that can have a mix of skills or specializations. This will include leveling up and “exotic” skills as you reach higher levels.


Original article:

Today we finally got our first look at Battlefield V. As expected it will focus on World War 2. The specific details are as follows:

  • Premium Pass is gone. Content will be delivered to all players over time.
  • There will be a campaign in the form of historical chapters like Battlefield 1 and they will be playable in co-op.
  • Battle Royale was not confirmed per se, but there will be some Battlefield variation on it.
  • It releases on October 19th on all platforms (Microsoft has the marketing deal).

Our Take

While we were hoping for a different era for this year’s Battlefield (Vietnam!), we’re happy that DICE is looking to offer what we believe will be a more full World War 2 experience from what was offered by Call of Duty last year. The gameplay shown in the trailer looked to be the chaos and destruction we’ve come to expect from full fledged Battlefield titles including some impressive animations and effects. We’re excited to see more of what new modes the title will offer and more gameplay when EA Play occurs in just a few weeks!

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