Fortnite and Avengers Infinity War Mashup Arrives Tomorrow


Well this was unexpected but likely very welcome among Fortnite players. Tomorrow, a new Avengers Infinity War themed event will launch in Fortnite Battle Royale. As standard, 100 players will join a match but this time, the Infinity Gauntlet will appear in a random location on the map. Whoever finds it, will turn into Thanos himself thus wielding the super powers he is known for.

Epic has yet to say how long the mode will be live for, but you can expect it to officially launch tomorrow morning, May 8th.

Our Take

As gaming becomes more and more mainstream and part of popular culture, we expect more companies will begin doing crossovers with other media that is considered to be popular among the demographic. Comic movies and games are likely one of the biggest opportunities so this doesn’t surprise us at all. If nothing else, it will simply bring in further revenue for the most popular game and movie in the world.

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