Rumor : Call of Duty Black Ops 4 : Battle Royale but no Single Player Campaign?


Rumors are swirling around Black Ops 4 prior to its official unveiling on May 17th. The first rumor has been verified by sources for a few different outlets which is that Black Ops 4 will not contain a traditional single player campaign. This would be a large departure for a series that has had some very memorable FPS campaigns over the years.

The second rumor, which doesn’t surprise us at all, is that a Battle Royale mode is being created for the title. The rumor states that Raven Software, the studio responsible for the multiplayer in Modern Warfare Remastered, is working on the mode.

As of right now, these remain nothing but rumors but given the sources and outlets reporting on them, we believe they have some validity.  We’ll continue to update this as we learn more and stay tuned for the official Black Ops 4 reveal next month.

Our Take

Call of Duty not having a single player campaign would be a very interesting decision for Activision. There’s been discussion for years around the continued need for a single player campaign in some multiplayer shooters given the low percentage of players who complete them, but it would still mark a major departure. As for Battle Royale, we certainly expect this along with the inevitable Battlefield version (and likely many others).

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