Rare Announces Content Expansion Plans for Sea of Thieves


Since release, Sea of Thieves has faced a fair amount of both praise and criticism. The criticism revolves primarily around the lack of content within the world and as such, players have been waiting for Rare to release either a content map or some details on what they have planned for the future.

Rare had previously promised to provide details by the end of the week and they have done just that. Via seaofthieves.com, Rare just provided the roadmap for the next several weeks of Sea of Thieves which includes some substantial additions.

  • The rest of April will be spent continuing to address player feedback.
  • May will introduce new content including “The Hungering Deep” which will bring a new A.I. threat to the world. New mechanics and new rewards will be added as part of this event as well.
  • Weekly events and rewards will begin in May.
  • Two additional content updates over the Summer include:
    • Cursed Sails which will introduce a new ship type.
    • Forsaken Shores which will introduce a new part of the world.
    • Both of the expansions will include new mechanics and enemy types as well.

You can find the full update from Rare here including a video: SoT Content Update Details

Our Take

This seemed to be exactly what players were asking for so it’s good that Rare kept their word to give a tentative schedule on what players can expect over the next few months. We’re excited to see what the new ship type will be along with new AI enemies and weekly events. Rare has always been clear that Sea of Thieves is a multi-year adventure so if they develop a solid cadence for updates, it could be a tremendous title in several months time whereas now it’s merely a fun sandbox.

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