Halo TV Show Rises from the Grave, Begins Filming in October


It seems like ages ago we began hearing about a Halo TV show that had Steven Spielberg’s involvement. Over the past few years, fans have mostly assumed that it would never see the light of day despite comments that it was still in production.

Thankfully for Halo fans, it seems that it was indeed still in the works. Production Weekly is claiming that the series will begin filming this Fall in Budapest. The show, as far as we know, it still set to be on Showtime. Whether or not Spielberg is still producing the show we’re unsure, but if filming is to begin in just a few months time hopefully we’ll begin to learn more intimate details in the near future.

Our Take

While we don’t truly know any details about the show, we are hugely excited for it simply due to our love of the Halo universe and its potential for a large scale production. We just hope it lives up to that potential. Between The Witcher and Halo shows, 2019 could be the year that video game movies/shows finally break through the negative stigma associated with them.

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