Ghost Recon Wildlands to Receive Free “Year Two” Content

We’ve talked at length about Ubisoft’s amazing support for its recent titles and it seems that Wildlands will be the next title to benefit from it. Ubisoft announced today that Wildlands would be receiving a content road map as part of its second year that will consist of four free “major” content drops.

Each of the updates will be dubbed a Special Operation starting with Special Operation One which will launch on April 10th. Its core focus will be Ghost War as it adds the Sabotage mode and five maps exclusive to the mode along with a class, weapons, and perks. It also includes the ability to customize AI teammates’ outfits ; a commonly requested feature according to Ubisoft. Lastly, the standard game will receive a “special” mission and challenges that offer exclusive rewards.

Our Take

Wildlands was already a very large game but additional content drops could keep players engaged for tens and tens of additional hours. Ghost War has proven to be popular among fans so further expanding upon the mode is likely a smart move by Ubisoft. In the end, this is another feather in the cap of Ubisoft’s recent support of their titles. Bravo.

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