DICE Unveils the new Battlefront 2 Progression System


DICE and EA have been talking about the overhaul coming to Battlefront 2 for months and yesterday, they finally detailed exactly what that overhaul would entail.

First up is the new progression system which is entirely linear. All rewards and star cards are now earned in the process of leveling up. With each level you gain, you’ll earn experience points that you can use to unlock characters, ships, and classes, along with skill points that you can use to upgrade your current cards.

Loot crates are still in the title but contain cosmetic items and no gameplay impacting items at all. Starting some time in the Spring, cosmetic outfits will be able to be purchased with credits or currency crystals in addition to the crates. For existing players, don’t worry too much as anything you’ve earned to date is yours to keep.

The new system will launch on March 21st followed by the cosmetic items a month or so later. Lastly, DICE confirmed new game modes and additions are on the way to Battlefront 2 including some modes that we’ve never seen before.

Our Take

While we weren’t as critical as many other sites on Battlefront 2, it’s absolutely a good thing that DICE and EA have changed the progression system in the title and we’re looking forward to trying out the changes next week. The game overall is still a blast to play and if they implement a solid leveling system along with many character variations, it could truly benefit the title.

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